Wendy Parkyn Workshop
(6th November 2018)

Wendy began by demonstrating  methods that she uses to get sunset effects in her watercolour work, these again included ~  Wet-in-Wet   Dry Brush   Pallet Knife   Candle Wax   Sandpaper

 NB ~ The Paper used must have a tooth ~ so smooth papers do not work
Splitting a sheet of watercolour  paper into quarters she proceeded to show us how to create cloud effects over water, then through various washes and further washes , then dry brush technique the desired skies.
The Group then went  to their work-stations to try these  techniques
Wendy then called us all back so she could  demonstrate how to create four types of sunset. 
These again used the techniques of Wash, Wet in Wet, Dry Brush, Wax Candle, Sandpaper and Dispersal
(using a pure water dot to create a Sun)
There was a further demonstration ~ bringing all the techniques into play
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The group again returned to their work areas to work on their Sun & Sea paintings

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Wendy Parkyn Sunset (Demo 1)
To Achieve this Sunset, Wendy method:
A Graduated Wash from the top down to the Horizon (finally using clean water to thin paint)
With the final part of the Wash about to dry and using a dot of clean water on the tip if a brush set the Suns location (the water will push the colour back as can be seen)
Create Cloud areas  (a pallet knife is used to push the still wet paint ~ see upper right cloud)
From the Horizon down (The Sea)
First Wax (candle) was rubbed below the sun to give an effect of sparkle on the waves
(Wendy not entirely happy with this and wax cannot be removed when used)
Then  the Sea Wash was applied (a light blue) then darker blues with dry brush (whilst Wash still slightly wet)
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Wendy Parkyn Sunset (Demo 2)

 Wendy's Method for this Sunset:
The Sky
Again a Graduated Wash from the top down to the Horizon followed by the Sun and Clouds using Wet in Wet

The Sea
Start with a thin Wash to take the edge off the water
When dry  use wax to create the light coming from the Setting Sun and the Sparkle on the water
Then an initial  blue/purple Wash
Wait for this to partly dry (still partly damp), then apply darker areas using Dry Brush method

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