The following items have come and gone but are worth a mention, so that visitors/members can be aware of events that have previously taken place. 

An afternoon with
David Tovey

February 11th 2020
Art Historian Talk ~  Covering Cornish Artists

Oils/Acrylics  Workshop 
 Nov 11th  & 26th ~  1:30 - 4:00pm
This workshop ~   'Wet Reflective Streets'  
Artist:  Colin Pethick 
Photos & Notes

Oils/Acrylics  Workshop 
Oct 8th   1:30 - 4:00pm
This workshop ~  'Nocturnal/Moonlight'
Artist:  Colin Pethick 

Acrylics Workshop 
Sept 3rd ~ Full  Day, ~ 10am - 4pm 
This Workshop  ~  covered Landscapes 
with the theme 'Moors and Tors'
Artist:  Wendy Parkyn 

Artist 'Informal Visit' 
Informal visit to consult, advise, 
help with regard to animals in contemporary style.
 Mixed Media/ Acrylics
Artist:  Angela C Berry  Website

The Annual Lifton Art Group Exhibition 
Plus  Pop-Up Cafe
July 26th, 27th, 28th
Event Pictures

Watercolour Workshop 
June 18th ~ Full Day  
 'Watercolour Flowers' 
 using Wet-in-Wet & Pen & Wash.
Artist:  Gill Cairns 

Sketch/Paint  Workshop 
April/May Full or Half Day 
Plein Air Sketching-Painting 
had good weather 
Local Venue  

May  21st 2019 
All Day,  10am till 4:15  
Wendy's watercolour workshop
Artist:  Wendy Parkyn
Photos & Notes
Watercolour Workshop 
March  12th ~ 1:30 till 4 pm 
This Workshop  ~  covered 
'Venice in the Style of Turner'
Materials list available from Linda
Artist:  Ian Grant  Website

Portrait Workshop 
February  5th ~& 12th ~ 1:30 till 4 pm 
This Workshop  ~  covered  head and 
shoulders portraits. 

Artist:  Colin Pethick  Website

Country Cottage Ceramics ~ EVENT
NOVEMBER 20th ~ AFTERNOON 1.30 till 4.00
Return once again of Brenda and Gill with their ceramics for an enjoyable afternoon of painting whatever item you choose 
which will then be taken away and fired. 
 Cost of item to be paid direct to Brenda at the time of choosing!

Master Class
Wednesday 14th – 11.00am 7 Members meeting at Georgie & Tom’s home for a Master Class covering Acrylics. 

NOVEMBER 6th  Half Day, 1pm till 4:15
Wendy Parkyn's
watercolour workshop 
 Seas and Sunsets
Photos & Notes

OCTOBER  9th ~ Full Day, 10 till 4 
Iain Grant's
  Pastel Workshop 

Photos & Notes

September 25th 2018
All Day,  10am till 4:00 
Watercolour workshop
Seas, waves, cloudy, sunny conditions
Artist:  Wendy Parkyn
Photos & Notes

The Exhibition 
August 4th & 5th  
Annual  Lifton Art Group Exhibition
was held 
from 10am until 4pm
At Lifton Community Centre,  See Page

June 19th & 26th 2018
 Afternoon 1:30 - 4pm ~ 2 Half-Days  
Beginners Acrylics 
using Brushes 
Tutor:  Katy Stoneman

Events shown are since May 2018 (Start of Website)